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All WESA Volunteers know that We Are Team Built!  For over 45 years, our community has come Together In Pride to build, nuture, and celebrate sport.  The Volunteering in Pride approach means that we not only understand the sport, but we value the role that WESA plays in our community.  We promote the values, history, and future of WESA through our volunteer efforts.

WESA ViPs are all essential folk that make up the foundation of the West End Slo-pitch Association, and include:

  • Official Scorekeepers;
  • Coach Squad Members;
  • Team Managing Coaches;
  • Clinic Facilitators;
  • Event Volunteers;
  • Committee Members;
  • Commission Members.

This is your league.  Make it happen!

Below is a pic of many of our ViPs who were able to attend the WESA ViP Mixer at Fountainhead Pub.
WESA 2023 ViP Mixer Night at Fountainhead Pub

To become a WESA ViP,  send an email today to the League Commissioner: Commissioner (at) WESA (dot) net.

Our WESA 2024 ViP activity so far has included:

WESA 2024 Autumn Coaching Retreat - many members of the league's Coaching Squad (both past, present, and future) participated in our the 2nd annual retreat to discuss how to achieve WESA's goals and maximize player experience.

2024 Commission Planning Day
The WESA Commission got together in December to go over dates, goals, and processes for the season.

WESA 2023 Rookies Advisory Group - Edmond C, Hailey D, and Frederic G
These members have volunteered time to discuss the rookie/novice experience in the league in 2023.

WESA 2024 Members Working Group - Colin B, Emily D, Sean N, Ian G, Justin M,  Drew R, and Seán C.
This group of dedicated WESA members has been working hard to update the league's codes, rules and agreements.

WEAS 2024 Spring Coaching Conference
The WESA Coach Squad, including the 2024 Managing Coaches, attended WESA's first ever coaching clinic at the Spring Conference.

WESA 2024 Member Accessibility Committee
- Rachel A, Gord An., Dan J, Peter H, Dan R
As part of the league's pilot ACA Accomodation Policy, a member-lead committee has been formed to advise on future seasons.  Please see the WESA Governing Manual for more details.

WESA 2024 NQ Committee
- Jeff C, Seán C, Rick D, Ian G, Peter H, Dan R, and Trevor S
Each year, experienced coaches come together to fullfil WESA's obligation to assign a player rating to each member.  The NQs (NAGAAA Ratings Questions) are a tool used to ensure that players of similar skills and abilities are competing in the Gay Softball World Series and our iPride Softball sister league touraments.  WESA uses the NQs as an important guide as well.

WESA 2024 Rookie Advisory Group
- Try A, Sam H, Brian P, and Lucy R
These members have volunteered time to discuss the rookie/novice experience in the league in 2024.

Want to know more volunteering?  Send the League Commissioner an email at Commissioner (at) WESA (dot) net. 

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