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West End Slo-pitch Association

1231 Pacific Blvd, Suite 588
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 0E2

General Email: Info (at) WESA.net

Website:  Technology (at) WESA.net

Need to send us a message but not sure who?  You can use this list of Commissioners or the online form below for a general message.  

Get Involved: If you are a member who is considering exploring volunteering on the WESA Commission, you can find out more about the various positions' responsibilities by reviewing the current League Appendices, Appendix B in the WESA Governing Manual


Seán Hernández Cummings
League Commissioner
Commissioner (at) WESA.net

Patrick King
Vice Commissioner
ViceCommissioner (at) WESA.net


Daniel Richdale
Rules & Regulations
RulesAndRegulations (at) WESA.net


Sam Prasad
Equipment (at) WESA.net


Lance Sandover
Special Events
SpecialEvents (at) WESA.net


Ian G
Membership (at) WESA.net


Darcy Simpson
Treasurer (at) WESA.net


Justin Q
Communications & (Interim) Technology
Communications (at) WESA.net


Drew Ryan
Secretary (at) WESA.net



WESA is a volunteer run organization.  Everything happens in the league because a volunteer Made It Happen!

2024 Members Working Group
Members: Colin B, Emily D, Sean N, Ian G, Justin M,  Drew R, and Seán C (Chair)
This group of dedicated WESA members worked hard in the pre-season to advise the Commission on updates  to the league's codes, rules and agreements.

2024 Season Scheduling Committee
Members: Johnny L, Dan R

2024 Member Accessibility Committee
Members: Rachel A, Gord An., Dan J, Dan R and Peter H (Chair)
As part of the league's pilot ACA Accomodation Policy for players with disabilities, a member-led committee has been formed to advise on future seasons.  Please see the WESA Governing Manual for more details.

2024 Special Events Committee
Members: Alex M and Lance S (Chair)
Pageant Volunteers: Clayton T, Lindsay P, and Pat K

2024 Scorekeeping & Stats Committee
Members: Colin B, David W, Don P, Gord Ar, Nate A, Pat K and Dan R (Chair)

2024 Pacific Cup Committee
Members: Bryan W, Lance S,  Peter H and Pat K (Chair)

2024 Technology Team
Members: Justin Q, Ian G, Seán C
This team handles the technology and website aspects of league operations.

2024 NQ Committee
Members: Jeff C, Seán C, Rick D, Peter H, Dan R, Trevor S and Ian G (Chair)
Each year, experienced members of the Coaching Squad come together to answer each players NQs (NAGAAA Ratings Questions).  This is an important tool in grouping like-skilled players for divisional play.

2024 Governance Committee
Members: Craig C, Darcy S, Ian G, and Seán C

2024 Rookie Advisory Group
Members: Brian P, Lucy R, Sam H, Try A
These new members are advising on the Rookie experience.

Want to know more about being part of a working Committee?  Send the League Commissioner an email at Commissioner (at) WESA (dot) net. 


This form can be used to send a generic question or comment to the league.

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