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Sparing for other teams is part of the WESA players experience for novice and more experienced players.
It is important to remember that all league coaches are part of the the WESA Coaching Squad.  We play with each other as a part of our community and come together in the sprit of true sportsmanship. There is an expectation that teams will select approprately skilled spares to replace the skill set of the absent team members.  Coaching teams must ensure that they meet this expectation.  Please notify the other coach as to which of your players will be missing, and with whom you are planning to replace them.  A popular and effective method of finding other WESA members to spare has been the use of the league Facebook page.

Full Sparing rules can be found in the WESA Governing Manual, League Appendices D29, D30.

SPARE RULES & RESTRICTIONS To bring the team batting order up to 10 players:

  • Any team can use a maximum of three approved Spares to bring the team numbers to 10.

1) Spares are ineligible to play the following defensive positions: Short Stop, Left Centre, Right Centre, Rover.
2) Spares must occupy the last positions on the batting order/ line-up.
3) **Anyone with a NQ sum of 12 or higher is ineligible to spare in Tier 1.
4 )WESA reserves the right to restrict—or deem ineligible—any non-member from participation.
5) There is an expectation that teams will select appropriately skilled spares to replace the skill set of the absent team members. Coaching Teams must ensure that they meet this expectation.

WESA MEMBERS are eligible to spare to a maximum of six games during the regular season and are eligible to spare during the WESA Cup league tournament.

NON-MEMBER SPARES can be eligible to spare up to 3 times per regular season if the following process is followed at least 4-business days in advance of game participation. Steps:

  1. Click here to complete the registration form:
              a. Four-day Advance registration is required (per the League Appendices D29, D30).
              b. Drop-in non-member spares are not permitted.
              c. Registration does not guarantee play.
  2. Make online NON-refundable payment of $30 via credit card.
    3. Register and sign the SPN waiver at slo-pitch.com AND the WESA Code of Conduct located at this LINK.

Non-Member Spares can be eligible to spare during the WESA Cup league tournament if they have participated as a regular season spare and by repeating steps 1 and 2 above before June 30th.

Questions?  Please contact Daniel R. at RulesAndRegulations@WESA.net.

*NQ refers to the NAGAAA Ratings Questions

(updated Apr.19/23)

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