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WESA | newsflash

Welcome to your new website

You may have noticed that the new WESA website has an updated look and feel to it, but more importantly, the site has back-end functionality which had not existed in the past.
Now, all the league’s data is linked, and the need for manually duplicating registration information into member databases and the creation / maintenance of separate team rosters, email lists, schedules, game results, standings and player stats are all no longer necessary.

Member Benefits 

Some changes that will positively affect all WESA members include:
  • Viewing and printing of schedules in various formats – including the ability to display the schedule in a way that affects you. You can put away your highlighters, go to your team’s page and print your individual schedule. You can also use the ‘multi-schedule’ to create custom schedules of whatever teams you wish.
  • The ability to add schedules to your Google and Outlook calendars – including your game schedule, and other WESA events.
  • Posted game results are automatically calculated and standings instantly updated.
  • View your cumulative stats as the season progresses, or by individual game.
  • A built-in payment system that will allow us to accept credit card payments at future registrations.
  • Instant notification of rainout situations or game cancellations by email - also posted to the home page of the website (see illustration below). The XTRA! rainout line will remain in effect, as well, until May 31, 2012).

All current members also have the ability to go in and create / update their own personal accounts. Some benefits of this are:
  • Additional notification of rainout or game cancellations by text message (if you choose this option).
  • View your team’s roster and teammates' contact information (all members who have previously indicated they do not want their numbers published on the league-wide list now have an option to share it with their team only). Please note that all members who have requested non-contact (on the league-wide list) have had their contact details set to ‘private’ on their team’s roster as well.
  • Maintain and update changes in your personal information.

Creating / Updating Your Account

Registering or updating your account is fairly straightforward, see the illustration below on how to get started:
After you have received your system generated password, log in using your email address and the password sent to you. Your member profile screen will appear. The illustration below shows this screen and offers a guide to the fields and options available to you. Help is also available from the system, by clicking the blue question mark next to the fields. ALTHOUGH NOT A MANDATORY FIELD THIS YEAR, WE REQUEST THAT YOU FILL IN YOUR DATE OF BIRTH. This information is NEVER displayed on the website to either the public or your teammates, but is a requirement of NAGAAA to submit member ratings.
After hitting submit, and coming to the member information page (titled "family members" - which you can ignore), you can either go about browsing the site or logoff. To update your personal information in the future, simply log in, and choose the "edit my account" menu option under "HOME | TOOLS".

On behalf of the Commission, thank you for your patience and enthusiasm during this time of transition. If you have any questions about your account, your personal information or the registration process (or if the system is not able to find you based on your email address), please contact me at .
Thank you,
Sheldon Gibson
Technology Commissioner 2012