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The WESA Pageant

34th Annual WESA Pageant: Coming in 2023

The “Miss WESA Baseball Beauty Pageant”, as it was known back in 1987, was the brainchild of three WESA
Members: Mark Sullivan, Gregg Welliver, and Art Gullett; who all played on the Celebrities Nightclub baseball team
that season. They got together to plan a league party at their new sponsor's place of business and the initial concept
was to put on a simple Drag Show. But it evolved into asking each team in the league to put up a contestant to
compete in a swimsuit, evening gown/talent, and skill testing question competition.  Needless to say, it was a big hit
and THE  WESA PAGEANT, as it is now known (updated in 2008 to recognize that our membership represents
 variety of gorgeous and diverse backgrounds), was born.

The formula was simple: each team in the league solicited a candidate to represent them in the WESA PAGEANT. 
The contestant was usually a "Rookie" player to the league (however, over the years some softball players have
entered multiple times trying to win the coveted title!) Contestants would participate in swimsuit competition where
they would wear a Team Sash—sometimes elaborate sashes have been made by the teams to support their
candidate and promote their team sponsor. Contestants would then perform a number which was judged for
originality, lip-sync, costume, and audience reaction. Three finalists would be selected to which a skill testing
question asked to each to add to their point totals. The judges would tabulate final scores and select the 2nd Runner
Up, a 1st Runner Up, and the Winner of the Pageant who becomes Miss / Mister / Mx WESA for the season! The
only expectation is that the Winner returns the following season to perform a step-down number and help to crown
the new Winner.

The original 1987 crown for Miss WESA was a cardboard creation, made by an elementary class in Surrey taught by
one of the WESA members. Since then many crown creations have been crafted with some type of “softball” theme.

There have also been a variety of hosts for the WESA PAGEANT including a number of current and past WESA
members: Sydney Malcolm, Pat King, Art Gullett, and Lance Sandover, have hosted multiple times. The original
Pageant Host, Mr. Bill Monroe, hosted for several years from when the Pageant first started. Other Special Event
Commissioners and local celebrity Drag Queens have also done the honours.

The WESA PAGEANT has become a major community event and WESA’s signature marquee fundraiser from what
started as a simple evening of fun for some softball players.  Over the past 30+ years, the WESA Pageant has raised
and donated $120,000 to approximately 30 LGBTQ2S+ community organizations and charities.


And the Winner is . . .


Year Crowned Miss/Mr/Mx WESA Team Sponsor
2023 TBA TBA
2022 Edgar M. (Latina Turner) Home Hardware on Davie
2021 No Pageant N/A
2020 No Pageant N/A
2019 Jesse C. (Miss Jessica Exotica) Home Hardware on Davie
2018 Ed T. (Anita Luong Kwok) Vancity D Division
2017 Colin B. (Ursula Major) PumpJack C Division
2016 Donavyn M. (Big D) RHB Customs Brokers
2015 Bobby C. (Hannah Jobs) Barrette Salon
2014 Logan C. (Miss Carriage) Celebrities Nightclub
2013 Micah G. (Shequanda Boo Boo Child) Richardson GMP
2012 Sean G. (Nana International) Priscilla's Restaurant
2011 Scott R. (Andromeda) Sotheby's Realty Canada
2010 Aaron F. (Gina Talia) Vancouver Downtown Rentals (VDR)
2009 Greg L. (Holotta Johnson) Dahl & Connors Lawyers
2008 Shawn C. (Jenna Tail-ya) PumpJack
2007 Michael C. (Sofonda Steam) F212 Steam
2006 Denis L. (Susan Lucci) Tiffany On Denman
2005 Brian D. (Anita Loan) Vancity
2004 Aaron U. (Tragedy Ann) F212 Steam
2003 Drew H. (So Lean) Numbers Cabaret
2002 Ann T. (Mister Fister) F212 Steam
2001 Guy G. (Gigi Glamour) Davie Flight Centre
2000 Jamie S. (Ivana Bendover) Brockton Clubhouse
1999 Keith L. (Cheerianna) Xtra! West Newspaper
1998 John C. (Helga) Royal Hotel
1997 Julie S. (Buster Cherry) Little Sister's Bookstore & Art Emporium
1996 Darren B.  Maxell Canada
1995 Jeff K. (Whoopsi Daisy) Xtra! West Newspaper
1994 Michel M.  Royal Hotel
1993 Wayne P. (Miss Tina) D&R Clothing
1992 Art G. (Miss Moss) Numbers Cabaret
1991 No Pageant N/A
1990 Martin MC. (Martuna) Streets Nightclub
1989 Hans L.  Doll N Penny's Cafe
1988 Wes B. Doll N Penny's Cafe
1987 Derek T. Odyssey Nightclub