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What is the Registration Welcome Party?

The Registration Welcome Party is where new members and returning WESA Members, who have already reserved their spot during the online reservations process, can come and pay for their members, mix and mingle with each other, and support our WESA Sponsor where the event is held.

What happens on Draft Day?

All registered and paid members will be drafted onto teams by the Coaches. The C Division Coaches start their draft first in the morning. Then the D Division Coaches do their draft in the afternoon. In the meantime WESA hosts a party for all members while they wait. After both drafts have been done and all members are drafted onto the teams, they are announced to everyone.

What equipment do I need for softball?

You'll need a glove and cleats (with non-metal spikes). Refer to the beginner's guide to equipment under the "Resources" tab.

What is the Jersey Pick-Up Party?

The Jersey Pick-Up Party is where all Members can pick up their jerseys from their team Coaches? WESA loves a good Social, and what better way to get together again than to pick up your new team jersey at this party?

What is an open practice?

An Open Practice is a skills practice session organized by WESA and is open to all WESA Members in either division. We will run through a series of skill building exercises which may include batting/hitting, in and outfield, and base running.

What is the Ice Breaker Tournament?

The Ice Breaker Tournament usually happens the week before Opening Day. WESA hosts this one day tournament for all teams to have an opportunity to have an extra fun day of play where the points don’t count towards Regular Season standings. Each team will have two games against other teams in their division.

What is Picnic-in-the-Park?


What methods of payment does WESA accept for membership fees?

WESA accepts credit or debit transactions (with an additional processing fee), or bank drafts. Unfortunately, WESA does not accept eTransfers nor cash.

Why can't we pay membership fees online?

WESA does not accept payment for membership fees online because we want our members to come support our sponsors by attending events that we host at venue sponsors.

Are there different skill levels in WESA?

Yes, WESA facilitates two skill levels of play: D Division, which is idea for people who have never played slo-pitch softball before, those who had played when they were younger but hadn’t played for years, or players who have a more inconsistent skill set who are looking to improve their game play. The C Division is idea for players who have played softball for years and have a more consistent knowledge and level of play.

Can I sign up with a friend?

Yes, definitely. You can sign up with a "Buddy" (who can be a spouse, partner or just a friend). You and your buddy will be drafted onto the same team.

Can I sign up as a team?

No. WESA is a draft league which means every season, we draft all new and returning members onto new teams. This way, every year, returning members rget to play with new people and have a new coach, thus enriching your experience from year to year.

Can anyone join?

Yes, if you are 18 years old or older, you can join WESA. WESA provides and protects the opportunity for individuals who support the bonds of lesbian and gay fellowship to play amateur slo-pitch softball in an atmosphere of friendly competition, free of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, race, creed, gender and ability.

How many teams does WESA organize?

It varies year to year depending on how much interest we get year to year. For the 2019 season, which is WESA's 41st year, we coordinate play for 18 teams total in two divisions: 5 teams in the C division and 13 teams in the D division.

What is the difference between a league team and a tournament team?

  • WESA organizes league teams where members are drafted onto teams in two divisions each season.
  • League teams get team jerseys organized by and from WESA.
  • Tournament teams are organized by individuals, independent of WESA, and are typically WESA members who seek to play competitively together and travel to tournaments across North America.
  • Tournament teams take care of their own operations and raise funds to purchase their own jerseys and travel to out-of-town tournaments.

What is the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?


Can anyone attend the AGM?


What are Rookie Camps/Spring Training Camps?

The Commission highly recommends that all Rookies attend the camp. You will have the opportunity to meet other Rookies, Coaches, and members of the Commission. This event helps Rookies start to learn or be refreshed on the rules of the game by participating in skills training (i.e. catching, throwing, using a bat, etc.) and playing in a scrimmage game which is an informal practice match.

What is the WESA Pageant?

This is WESA’s signature & biggest FUNdraising event of the Season! Each team enters a contestant to vie for the coveted WESA Pageant title and Rookies are encouraged to represent their team in this incredible team bonding experience!

What is the Athletes Card?

This card does not expire and will be distributed to you at the Draft Party and the Jersey Pick-up Party. Present this card to any of our participating sponsors and get discounts on goods and services (details at WESA.net). We encourage all members to actively support &amp; patronize all of our Sponsors, who are the various businesses that have helped support WESA for the past 39 years! Please let our Sponsors know that you are a WESA member, show them your WESA Athletes Card, and that you appreciate their sponsorship!

Where and when do we play?

The majority of games are played on Sundays at Strathcona Park with occasional weekday evening games at both Strathcona Park and Brockton Oval in Stanley Park. The season’s play schedule will be released to all registered members as well as being posted on WESA.net once it is confirmed. If you have a smart device, you can also download the schedule too.

@Strathcona Park, parking is FREE all day.
There is a small community store (Union Market) which sells food and beverages.

@Brockton Oval, there is a pay parking in effect in all areas of Stanley Park (i.e. $3.25/hour or up to $11/daily from 6am to 9pm or Season Pass for $212).

Washroom facilities are available at both locations. Please pick up after yourself and your team to keep our parks clean by using available receptacles or better yet, take your rubbish with you!

Please Note: The Vancouver Park Board's field use permit states that "...no alcoholic beverages are to be dispensed, sold or consumed on the park at any time." This is a zero tolerance policy. Violation may result in WESA's permit privileges being revoked.

How long is the play season?

WESA's regular play season is general from the end of April to mid July.

When is registration?

WESA facilitates online reservation of a spot in the league in mid-February for returning Members. Online reservation then opens to the public about a week after the membership renewal period. The Welcome Party, which is where new and returning members pay for their membership fees usually happens the week after public online reservation opens.

How many games does a team play over the season?

In 2019, WESA provides 20 games to every team in each division against teams in their division. In years past, dependent on field permits and field availability, WESA also has provided 2 additional games in the Ice Breaker Tournament the weekend before Opening Day when the regular season starts. These games do not count towards regular season team standings and is just an extra fun day of play to get teams warmed up to regular season play. After the regular season all teams compete in the WESA Cup Tournament, an end-of-season two-day weekend tournament (usually mid-July). In the WESA Cup, teams can play up to 7 to 9 games over the tournament.

Why aren't there any games in August?


Does WESA organize softball in the Fall?

In past years WESA has offered Fall Ball which runs August to September, but due to field availability and weather conditions, WESA has stopped organizing it.

Does WESA provide equipment?


How can I become a coach?


How can I join the Commission?


How can I help out?

WESA is always looking for volunteers, scorekeepers, and anyone who wants to help the league out. To do so, get in touch with someone from the Commission and they will get things moving.